The Wolverine Within: Personal Security & Combative Skills For Women

Wolverine Within

3-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

A female perspective: The basic concepts of good Personal Security and Self-Protection are the same for young and old, male and female. What we are talking about here is women training within the field of modern Combatives. The difference here lies completely in the state of Mindset. This is where Combatives differs from the martial arts and the recreational Sself-defence classes at your local community centre.

Law Enforcement trainer and respected author within the field of Defensive Tactics, Dave Spaulding, defines the Combative Mind as containing two vital elements which he calls the "NESS Brothers". These are AwareNESS and WillingNESS. The first speaks for itself - you must strive to develop habitual awareness of your environment and of everyone and everything within it, whilst understanding what exactly your observations mean (i.e. threat recognition) if you are to have any chance of avoidance, escape or de-escalation - which of course we should always seek to do.

The second element - that of willingness - is really what defines for me personally what the Combative Mindset is all about. Being able to create the WILLINGNESS to step up and do whatever it takes to prevail. Even under the most dire circumstances, to be able to turn one's fear into an explosion of controlled, calculated aggression which should be anchored to an all-out physical attack with the sole purpose of eliminating the threat.

This Wolverine Within DVD set goes beyond the text of the manual I wrote some years ago now. It looks at the potential threat to women in general, coming primarily from men - both known and unknown to the individual. In addition, we look at the cultivation of any woman's natural resources - starting with demeanour, attitude, use of the voice for verbal & physical boundaries, cultivating a confident Body Language Profile; as well as honing their natural bodily weapons, fuelled by the access of controlled aggression for an "ally cat mental" in-your-face tenacity that will not subside until the job is done!

The Wolverine Within is for all women who are willing to STAND UP and protect their own unique and special self from what is hopefully a gratuitous minority that might seek to violate that!