The pivot kick:

The pivot kick is basically a round moving kick performed with a semi-straight leg. Impact is made to the outside of the thigh muscle (peroneal nerve) with your shin bone just a Thai kick. The finish position should leave the foot of your kicking leg, with the heel higher than your toes. This is only achieved by pivoting on your support foot and committing your hips through the strike. Think of your leg as a heavy log that you are going to swing through the target without retraction.

Working off the fence; shove your aggressor hard in the center of his chest with the flat of your hand; this will create space by making him take a sudden step backward, leaving his lead leg exposed for the pivot kick.

This is a good low level of force option that has worked well for me in the past. The kick will take the aggressor's mobility and give him a major dead leg but is relatively injury free apart from that. I also like the fact that, with this shot the person will usually fall laterally onto one shoulder, avoiding impact to their own head as they hit the ground. This alone makes it a safer option. With mobility gone the person should be easier to control; the saying goes ' if he can't stand, he can't fight.''


Thai kick intervention: (photos from new book Safe on the Door courtesy of Hodder Arnold)

Here we are using the Thai/pivot from behind as a means to intervene. This low line kick to the thigh is a good low level of force option that has proved extremely effective in this kind of situation on numerous occasions.

As a struggle ensues at the bar area; approach from a good position that offers the side of the aggressor's thigh as a target, from here just kick straight in and through the leg. (See above for description) This motion will disrupt his structure and balance making a two man restraint available.

From here both Door Supervisor's take an arm each and lock the limb into place as previously described.

Note how the aggressor is bought up onto his toes by each Door Supervisor by using the tips of their fingers into the shoulder/pectoral cavity. From here stay vigilant to your immediate surroundings and escort the Gentleman out.