Pre-Emptive Attack Sequences

In this sequence demonstrated on a Spar-Pro dummy by CQB instructor John Deacon; John starts with a chin-jab then in one motion he rips down on the lip and throws a lead elbow strike.

From here John continues his attack with a short Ax hand to the throat followed by a long Ax hand and a wheeling elbow strike to the neck/shoulder area thrown a half beat later. Notice how all strikes are powered by correct body mechanics employing drop step and hip torque.


Here we can see the same sequence in application with a partner.

Note that no sequence attack is ever set in stone. They can all be equally as effective used in part, as in the top three photographs or as the whole sequence as depicted here.

Each of these attacks are simply random sequences that flow together in a logical way how you continue your attack after your initial pre-emptive strike will depend on the energy you receive from the recipient.