Urban Combatives

Workshop Feb 06

Iím pleased to say that the UC workshop was a complete success; with 25 guys in attendance the atmosphere was certainly full of energy. The majority of guys were already rich in experience with one or two experiencing Combatives training for the first time. All in all everyone had a good training day. The workshop was principle based, in other words I wanted to give everyone an idea of the way we train the Combative principles: of Forward Pressure, Controlled Aggression, Continuous Attacking and the use of Deception etc. Obviously this was attached to a skill set incorporating the favored armory from my curriculum, but once grasped, such concepts could be applied to your own tool of choice.†

Mick and Jon working the drop to groin slap: Nick and Alban working a continuous attack drill.

In addition to this we worked a few counter-ambush drills introducing different elements of stress such as inducing the Startle Response, Disorientation and Fatigue etc. Then we went on to look at various aspects of grappling, including stand up counter/offensive clinch incorporating your environment, in this case the wall and the ground as well as fighting from the ground and regaining the initiative off your knees when the aggressor is standing.

Mick, Herve, Jon, Rob and Patrick working some of the stress drills.

Jon in the clinch: Kemlyn crashing in for a dominant position.


Finally we finished with a module on Task Specific fitness training for Combatives. This incorporated the use of complex training, which is when we use a strength movement to recruit the working muscle fibers and follow it with a plyometric movement to keep them firing, finally making the transition to a task specific strike via impact work. This module concluded with a little ATP partner work followed by a brief Q&A bringing the day to a successful conclusion. My thanks to everyone who came along and to my students for their help and organization and also to Mick Coup and Jon Fell who made the effort to come up from Cardiff. Hope to see some of you again on the next workshop on the 19th March Peace


Some additional training pictures:

James working the double chin-jab during the Artifice module: Herve and Mick on knees.

Vern & Steve on clinch knees: Mick Coup working Counter clinch.

Jimmy using Nick to fend off Alban: Nick on the pads.

Working on Offensive striking from the clinch.

Vern regaining the initiative from his knees: Me fending from the floor.

Getting on the offensive from the tie up: Lee and Simon, Kemlyn and Tony.