Arm wrench: (photos from new book Safe on the Door courtesy of Hodder Arnold)

Here we are looking at using the arm wrench; as slight jolt to cause a distraction or in order to gain compliance. Rather than as a means to cause damage to the arm so don't be overzealous with it.

To work it from the escort position just hold the arm as shown. Then as you feel resistance from the aggressor; just jerk the elbow up with the crook of your arm as you pull his hand to your body. Use a little body mechanics behind along with a short explosive movement. This will induce enough pain to gain compliance in order to continue your escort.

This method also works well when preceded with an elbow shot to his bicep. Just make two quick snappy movements from your hips, strike the arm then wrench.


Flesh grab to escort: (photos from new book Safe on the Door courtesy of Hodder Arnold)

The flesh grab is a good method to use to get someone up off the ground quickly, particularly if you are struggling to get them out and they either fall over or deliberately drop their weight in an act of defiance. With some individuals it might be dangerous to try and lift them back to their feet particularly if they are trying to pull you down with them. The last place you want to be is in a grappling situation rolling around on the ground. If this individual has mates around, it is at this point they will start to play football with your head even someone who is not involved may try and stick the boot in while you are down as this is the nature of society today.


Lots of doormen have been bottled and stabbed while rolling around on the floor of a night club dance floor. In such a situation where you, are still on your feet and your combative subject is on the ground; this method that has proved successful for me and many a doorman that I know. All you are going to do is slap your open hand onto an area that offers a fair degree of loose skin. A few examples include holding one arm as you slap and grab a small handful of loose flesh between the bicep and tricep area of the upper arm other good places include; the love handle area, at the sides of the waist, or the fleshy part at the front or back of the arm pit.

In this example I am targeting the loose fleshy cheek area; on the side of the jaw and face. Once you have a good grip on the skin make sure you squeeze it tight using your finger tips, not prints. From here use loud verbal commands such as; 'just get back to your feet and keep moving!'' If necessary you can now drag and pull in the direction you want the individual to move e.g. the exit. This method is a merely a means of pain compliance, that acts as a volume control. You put it on to a certain degree and keep it there; if he complies no further pressure is added, if not then just turn up the volume slightly.