Study Group Information

What's a Study Group

A UC study group is for a group of likeminded people that want to get together and train in UC!

This might be from published media bought online from UC, or simply study from lessons presented for free on the UC YouTube channel.

The UC study group can be a closed-door deal, or you can make it slightly more open! People get together and pay for the hire of the training area and KIT and/or use training fees to purchase further UC study material on-line.

A study group member is NOT qualified or graded in UC to teach others for financial gain!

This is literally a group place to train in authentic UC methods, officially sanctioned by me! That is what you are paying an affiliate fee for!

You can use my logo and have your study group advertised on the UC website as an official place to study!

Usually this is guys and girls that want to train UC but have no access to an instructor or seminar.

You can send me lesson and group material and I will coach you on certain points and recommend media material for progressive study, that is available on our website.

This can effectively lead to faster qualification as a UC student or Instructor should anyone want to take that route in the future!


The criteria is that the person or people starting the study group should have enough familiarity with UC to start in the first place.

How Can I Set One Up

To become a UC study group, the person/s starting the group must first become a member of UC this is £50 a year and then pay a monthly affiliate/study group fee of £30 a month. Both are payable on line via our website.

Once a member you have the option down the line to grade as a UC student and will be requested to send a photo, club name incorporating the UC logo as well as contact details for those that would like to train within your area.