UC Study Groups in The Far East Asia


Name: Garry Robinson

Status: UC Study Group - Hong Kong


Details to follow.

UC Study Group Hong Kong


Name: Urban Combatives Philippines

Status: UC Study Group - Manila Philippines


Libre Philippines

Contact Email:  urbancombativesphilippines@gmail.com

UC Study Group Philippines


Name:  Jamie Houston & Sakan Lam

Status: UC Study Group - Chiang Mai Thailand


Jamie Houston

Starting his martial arts journey at 7 years old, Jamie has accomplished the following to date:
- Jeet Kune Do, Instructor Level 1 (Sifu Mark Stewart, Boxer Rebellion International)- Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Advanced Certification (Master Lee Gagnon, Gagnon Martial Arts Academy)
- ITF Tae Kwon Do, 1st Degree Black Belt and Instructor Certification (Richard Saunders, T.A.G.B TKD International)
- Experience in Combatives, Western Boxing, Kali, Panantukan, Savate Kickboxing, Shooto (MMA) and Muay Thai
- Competed in Tae Kwon Do tournaments including European, British and North West England Championships, earning gold, silver and bronze medals for sparring and patterns
- Returned to competition in 2018, earning a silver medal in the Zendokai Thailand Open 2018 (Full-Contact Karate & Newaza). Will continue this year!
- Successfully coached fighters in MMA, Kickboxing and Japanese Jiu Jitsu
- Has ran several regular self-defense classes and seminars worldwide.
- Co-Owner and Assistant Instructor at Core Combat Chiang Mai, Thailand
- Has provided close protection for political and business clients
- Leads the Urban Combatives Thailand Study Group

Sakan Lam

Sakan Lam is a certified instructor in Jeet Kune Do and Panantukan, with over 15 years of martial arts experience. Beginning his martial arts journey in the United States, he began studying Shaolin Kung Fu since 2001, eventually attaining the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt. After a major career change in 2007, he moved to Thailand where he would meet his teachers, Sifu Tylus Quan Do, Guro Mark Stewart, Guro Gianfranco Lanucara, and Professor Dominique Fontanarosa. Under their tutelage, he extensively trained in the arts of Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Kali, Silat, Savate, and Shooto. This would lead him to become a representative in both the Core Combat Unlimited, MANONUDA, and Boxer Rebellion International systems.

Sakan has taught self-defense and combatives in seminars worldwide. Through teaching online tutorials via social media and YouTube, he has reached a worldwide audience with thousands of subscribers. His main motivation is to provide others with self-esteem, health, and confidence through the discipline found in martial arts training.

Sakan is an active competitor in many systems including BJJ, MMA, Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Zendokai and others. Sakan has earned many gold and silver medals during his career, even earning a fighter of event award.  
Sakan will co-lead the Urban Combatives Study Group Thailand with Jamie.

Meeting day and times:  Saturdays 10.30am - 12.00pm

Venue: Core Combat Chiang Mai

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