The UC Team in Australia

Name: Nox Taikuplu

Status: 3rd Generation Full  Instructor


UC Austrailia Nox Taikuplu has nearly 20 years of formal and extensive Training in MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling. He also competed as an amateur in early Vale Tudo and Kickboxing. As well as experience in many other Martial Methods including Reality Based Training within Senshido with Richard Dimitri, UC in which he is an Apprentice Instructor and recognised UC Rep in Sydney Australia. He has trained and gained Instructor Rank in various RBSD and Edged Weapon methods over the years as a means of seeking a more functional approach for the street and his occupation as a Security Specialist in Australia. He has 17 years’ experience within the Security Industry with all elements from Door Security to Executive Protection. Like Lee, Nox used the Doors as a Testing ground for and troublesome customers as test subjects, to see what works and what doesn’t in violent situations. Nox host Lee in Australia pretty much annually since 2012 and teaches UC in addition to his own unique approach in Sydney, out of his Hard Nox Combatives Gym.

Name: Jimmy Armstrong

Status: 3rd Generation Full Instructor


Jimmy was born and raised in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and like most young men of that era gained a LOT of experience fighting on the streets whilst growing up. Fast forward to age 23, Jimmy moved to  Melbourne Australia where he now resides with his family and runs his famous garage school RAW Combatives in Melbourne. Jim has trained in the martialarts since themid-eighties. He has studied many Martial Methods, mostly Thai/Filipino along with variety of Reality Based methods of Self Protection. Raw Combatives is recognised as one of the best methods of RBSD/Combatives Training in Australia. Jimmy is a full UC instructor as well as an instructor in Senshido International  and Nasubukang of the Philippines. Jimmy teaches out of his garage school a variety of classes including UC and hosts Lee annually when he comes over to see Nox. More recently Jimmy has a lot more exposure within the Combatives scene and is currently (June 2017) on his own European circuit of seminars after joining the International circuit. Jimmy is available for  private training, seminars and workshops in Australia and can be contacted via his website:

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