The UC Team in the Czech Republic

czech team

Name: Martin Mikolasek

Status: Chief Instructor


UC Czech Republic Team have been training in UC for approximately 8 years. The Head Instructor Martin Mikolasek is the Chief Instructor of RBSD in Czech Republic and the Main UC Represented/Instructor for all of Europe. Martin has additional Instructors in CZ & Slovakia. Martin is a Full UC Instructor are the rest of the Team and is additionally certified under a variety of Reality Based Instructors World-wide. Within RBSD they have UC, RBSD Boxing, RBSD Grappling as Martin is a big advocate of developing an essential Athletic Base that comes from basic Pugilism and Wrestling. They also operate RBSD Shooting in the Czech Republic as Martin is a qualified Shooting Instructor. Finally, between Lee Morrison, Martin Mikolasek and Miki Hanusek we have developed a very successful UC/RBSD Program for Children of varying ages from 7-11, 12-16 years old with the focus on ‘Stranger Danger’ & Anti-Bullying. This program shows adaptations to the needs of children as they move through the age groups for both boys and girls! Email: rbsd@centrum@cz Website

  • Martin Mikolasek
  • Lukas Wolf
  • Radek Erban
  • Miki Hanusek

Martin Mikolasek

Lukas Wolf

Radek Erban

Miki Hanusek

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