UC Netherlands

Name: Michiel Mulder

Status: 4th Generation Apprentice Instructor


Since I was 12 years old I was training in jujitsu and judo. Then around 16 years of Age I made a transition to Boxing and Thai boxing, competing sometime later. This gave me a good understanding of striking and kicking. Experiencing Multiple fights against multiple subjects on the street and the door gave me new insights and understanding between the difference of Martial arts/combat sports and real violence. My full-time Job as a doorman/supervisor and Intervention team member (for festivals and events) showed me the need to adapt the stuff that I learned in sport so that it worked for me under stress. Because of this need to adapt, I started to analyse what worked and what didn't! I quickly realized that it came down to keeping things simple and acquiring the right MINDSET! At the time I was already training in Krav Maga and I found out soon, that for me, nothing came out under real fight stress. I contacted Lee M to ask If he had Somebody in Holland to teach me UC. Because of this question he sent me to Branimir Tudjan, who is is Lee's opinion one of the best Krav guys around. A fellow Paladin author who was also influenced by Lee's material to some degree. Years later I'm teaching Krav Maga/ Combatives from Brani's curriculum together with Ronny Ali (Ronny is an apprentice of Brani) at Krav Maga Nederland department Amsterdam. I followed Lee Morrison for years on the international seminar circuit and started training with him directly when possible, so that I could grade and come on the UC Instructor program. Many hours of blood, sweat and tears later I am proud to call myself a UC Apprentice Instructor, representing the UC curriculum in Amsterdam and Holland. For class, workshop & private tuition contact Michiel Mulder via E-mail: counterviolence@outlook.com or Phone: +31649781515

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